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Making blockchain-based distributions simple, fast, secure and reliable.

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Traditional Payments Are Made Between Two Wallets Only

Issuing Multiple Crypto Payments Is Tough, Slow & Time Consuming

Day-to-day operations for companies and organizations within the blockchain space may involve initiating tens, if not hundreds of contracts.

Paying multiple monthly wages can be easily become a difficult and time-consuming task.

The use of current methods also increases the possibility of human error with each new transaction plus new companies or people who are unfamiliar with the underlying technology cannot enter the blockchain space with confidence.

Mass Blockchain Payments Made Fast, Secure & Reliable

Sending Payments to Multiple Addresses at Once With Our Own Atomic Transaction Protocol

SafeTech developed the Atomic Transaction Protocol (ATP) which allows a single transaction to serve multiple outputs thus allows you to send funds to multiple addresses at once.

By invoking the Atomic Transaction Protocol, we have included multiple tasks in a single transaction. This results in a more powerful and flexible clause system beyond the capabilities of other blockchains.

An atomic transaction is an indivisible and irreducible series of operations: all occur or nothing occurs. Atomic transactions with the addition of clauses offer even more, as they guarantee all clauses will succeed together or fail together.