ID Management

Use multiple applications with one secure username & password.

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The Worst of User Experiences

Traditional ID Management is Frustrating & Stressful

If you’re using multiple applications, online services or social media platforms, chances are that you have a bunch of different usernames and passwords. For some accounts it will be easy to remember your credentials, but if you have 100+ accounts to manage you’ll probably forget them on the moment you need them the most which will leave you frustrated.

As a result you may use simple passwords or the same password for all your accounts. This increases the chance of data breaches.

Traditional ID management has the worst user experience (UX) because a user has to remember tens if not hundreds of credentials which has to be submitted every time he logs in.

There's Only One You

Access Multiple Applications with Only One Account

Single sign-on (SSO) allows people to use multiple applications with one and the same username and password. The user only needs to create an account once without the need of repeatedly entering credentials for every new application he wants to use.

Identity management brings many advantages:

  • Reduces password fatigue
  • Simplifies account management (usernames and passwords)
  • Faster access to applications and platforms
  • Smoother onboarding of new users
  • No need to create a new account for every website you use
  • No need to remember 1001 passwords