Passionated Builders of Web3.

Core developers of the patented Inheriti® protocol which makes it possible to establish decentralized inheritance & backup plans. Based in Belgium, Europe.

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We Are Blockchain & Security Engineers With Focus On A Safe Web3

SafeTech Labs is a Belgian company based in Brussels and focussed on Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) and Security Engineering.

SafeTech Labs delivers blockchain services and custom blockchain development that powers real business transformations. Create new business tools based on revolutionary decentralized networks that change your industry forever.

Let’s build your dream together and make use of our solutions, knowledge and experience.

Worldwide Patents

Our Tech Is Protected Within Europe, China and the United States.

The intellectual property behind the world’s only decentralized (and totally secure) digital inheritance solution is the first of its kind. For that reason, we have three worldwide patents pending to  safeguard our inventions – filed within Europe, China and the United States.

“Methods and Systems For Cryptographic Private Key Management For Secure Multiparty Storage And Transfer Of Information.”

Board Members

Jürgen Schouppe

CEO / CTO / Co-Founder

Jurgen Schouppe is Co-Founder, CTO, and acting CEO at Safe Haven. He has extensive experience and expertise in network and security engineering. For over 16 years, he has been a subject matter expert at the European Parliament, working as IT network team leader and network/security engineer.

Furthermore, he is a certified ethical hacker and entrepreneur. As the blockchain ecosystem matured, Jurgen dedicated himself to building a solution to make all digital assets inheritable in a completely decentralized way, for everyone.


Andy Demeulemeester

COO / Co-Founder

Andy Demeulemeester is Co-Founder and COO at Safe Haven. He is an entrepreneur and a Full Stack Developer with more than 15 years of experience in various multinational companies. He has a deep understanding of managing and developing complex software solutions, and masters a wide range of software languages.

As an early and active blockchain user, he was intrigued by the inheritance and storage problem of passwords, seeds, and other digital assets. From his wish to create a decentralized and easy to use solution, he co-founded Safe Haven. Ever since, he has been dedicated to building the best, most secure, and patented method in encrypting, transmitting, and storing digital assets.