Launched: 20 December 2019

Providing Users a One-Time Registration to be Used Across All Safe Haven Platforms

SafeID provides a convenient and secure method of seamless login credentials, with the ease-of-use and security of Safe Haven’s brand.

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The State of Online Accounts & User Profiles

Traditional Identity Management Solutions Often Leave Us Frustrated

Using multiple applications brings a bunch of different usernames and passwords to remember. Having a bunch of different usernames and passwords is a safe thing, but it increases the chance to forget one right at the moment you need it, which will often leave you frustrated.

As a result most people end up using simple passwords or the same password for all their accounts, which in turn increases the risk of data breaches.

A Safe & Secure Single Sign-On Solution

The Only Identity, Access & Payment Management System You Need

SafeID is built as ID Management solution and functions as an identity, access, and payment-management system for Safe Haven solutions. As an identity provider built on the OAuth2 protocol, it provides secure method for log-on into many websites with a single username and password.

We call this Single Sign-on or SSO.

SafeID provides users a one-time registration of credentials to be used across all Safe Haven/SafeTech related sites/applications.