Digital Inheritance

Digital inheritance enables critical data to remain decentralized, while maintaining ease of access with multi-layer security protocols.

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The Current State of Digital Inheritance & Data Backup

Traditional Products Are Lacking In Means To Securely Store Personal Data

Traditionally, businesses and retail consumers utilize cloud services for the storage of their most critical data.

Cloud services are considered ‘centralized storage’ and thereby are susceptible to coordinated hackers and/or attacks based on a single point-of-entry. One weakness within the service can compromise all data held by the cloud service.

A Disruptive & Decentralized Solution

Revolutionizing Secure Storage of Data by Using a Decentralized Blockchain Approach

Inheriti®, our digital inheritance product, encrypts all critical data utilizing AES-256 protocols.

The encrypted data is then fragmented into multiple shares for cold-storage on FIDO2+SSDP SafeKey HSM Devices, or mobile devices by utilizing the Inheriti® Mobile application, while the validator share is stored on an Inheriti® partnered blockchain of client’s choice.

Inheriti® enables critical data to remain decentralized, while maintaining ease of access with multi-layer security protocols.